Measuring Your Business With Analytics

Everyone in business wants to know that the content they are producing is making an impact on their audience. With social media analytics you will see just how easy it is to know what works and where you should turn your focus as a marketer. Peter Odryna used a case study to show how marketers can prepare themselves to provide the best socal media marketing strategies using analytics. This article was more about learning from mistakes and fixing them rather than starting a brand new analytics-based campaign. It was also a way of showing how a marketing agency should obtain a client rather than a business managing analytics on their own. While I appreciate the explanation of the agency side of things, only parts of this article, such as how to search for trends in the industry, were helpful to companies that do their own social media marketing.

The lists on both YouMoz and Tech Radar were helpful to those like me that were unfamiliar with most of these analytic-tracking websites. I knew of the major ones like Hootsuite and Klout, but the ones like Buzzstream and and Social Mention were new to me and ones I would definitely consider using in my business. The YouMoz article was especially helpful and in-depth because he gave an analysis and weighed the pros and cons of each website, which I was very impressed with. Although he may have slightly favored the ones that were free, I saw no signs of playing favorites; just unbiased analysis.

Bynd hit on some things in this article that go further than just the numbers, which has been one of the most important lessons of this class this semester. In order to achieve to numbers you want for your business, you need to understand what will bring those numbers in. Using previous analytics to measure what the audience will respond to and giving them more of that content will not only help your business to thrive, but will give the consumer the satisfaction that the company is listening to what they say. And a little trick to this is letting the customers believe that the content is based on comments and feedback when in reality it is due to the measurable feedback of analytics. Like the other article said, you can’t try to figure out what everyone wants, but by using analytics you can please the majority of consumers.

One of my favorite pieces of information from this week’s readings was from RazorSocial. They said that if you form a relationship with your biggest social media influencers they will continue to promote your content and it will increase the audience for both you and the influencer. The other interesting thing about this article was that it was the only one that had any way of properly using Google Analytics or Google+. The rest were not equipped to measure Google+, which shows how much less influential it is than all of the other social networking sites.

Do you use any other tracking websites besides Hootsuite and Which ones appeal to you that you have never heard of?

Have you ever interacted with an influencer of your brand/business on social media or have been contacted by a brand because you were an influencer?



6 thoughts on “Measuring Your Business With Analytics

  1. I pretty much only use enterprise and HootSuite, but Social Crawlytics definitely appeals to the creeper in me 🙂

    At work, I try to respond to most people on social who have a direct question. Sometimes the volume is just too great to get to everyone, but we surely try. The closest I have come to being contacted by a brand was when I tweeted about getting my Ikea catalog and they favorited my tweet.

  2. I use Sprout Social for Twitter. I assist with running the Twitter account for the CEO of a major company, and I use Sprout Social to schedule tweets, search for trending hashtags, task assignments, etc. I really find it useful and easy to work! I also use

  3. FollowerWonk and Social Crawlytics appeal to me because they allow you to track and compare yourself to your competitors. They give you an insight to your competitors’ social media strategies, and they show you who’s sharing their content, so there’s potential to engage your competitors’ clients!

  4. I use Hootsuite and Sprout Social. They are both user friendly (which I need), and help me schedule posts and do general searches. I going to try out Social Crawlyitcs.

  5. I use Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and now I have yet to get into any other tracking websites, but I plan to! Chipotle is GREAT at interacting with their followers. They are the only brand I have ever engaged with on social media. I use Chipotle as inspiration for my social media strategy!

  6. All of you are much more experienced with analytics than I am! I pretty much only look at when I am shortening a link, but don’t look at it regularly. I agree Lauren, I think I might start using Followerwonk or Social Crawlytics. Thanks for the tip on Chipotle Victoria! I love their food even though I don’t go often, but I’ll take a look at their social pages.

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