SEO of Websites and Blogs-How You Can Improve It

I titled my post slightly different this week based on the readings. One of Razor Social‘s articles taught me that by putting the keywords of your title first, it will increase the likelihood of that post showing up on Google. It makes sense and if you really think about it, the way you word your title could mean the difference between 10 people reading your blog and over a million. Some of the author’s other tips, while excellent if they end up working, are slightly time consuming and not very practical for the average person who also has several other things on his or her plate. His example about putting all of your blog posts into Slideshare so it can rise in Google search is a hidden gem of a tool. But who really has time to do that for every post? Many of the people enrolled in this social media program have full time careers and families to provide for (not me, but most do) and are finding it even hard to keep up with the work we are doing now. None of us have the time to put this blog into Slideshare just so it can be found on Google!

There are few articles that try to promote a website and sell me on it without having looked at the website for myself. Ian Cleary managed to do that with his article about Google Webmaster Tool. Sign me up right now, because even though I only really have blogs right now and do not currently host my own website, Google Webmaster will be a life saver when I do have one. Just when I think SEO is simple to pinpoint and master, I learn that a website’s Sitemap might play a major role in where it ranks on Google and that videos need their own Sitemap. Sorry, I’m geeking myself out in my own head at the possibilities of how big my website or any website can grow if everyone knew these tools. And I have become such a marketing fanatic that I want everyone who has ther own website to know these tools and I want to be the one to tell them. Some of the technical stuff goes right over my head and I will provide that article if they have any other questions, but if I can helps other people’s websites grow, that makes me happy.

Forbes emphasized one of my biggest problems with regard to my own blogs that I am fully aware of but do nothing abour, tags and keywords. I spend so much time writing the posts themselves that when I do have the energy to put a few tags on, I don’t pick the right ones to make the blog show up on Google. And I always take “keywords” too literally and purposely keep them short, which is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. And those keywords are what will bring my pages to the top of Google search which results in 95% more hits than the second page. These readings gave me extremely valuable tools that I will be able to use not only with this blog, but with other future websites.

Would you consider putting a blog post into Slideshare to receive more hits on it?

How much emphasis do you put on tags or keywords and do these readings change your idea of how important they are?


2 thoughts on “SEO of Websites and Blogs-How You Can Improve It

  1. I would consider putting a blog post into Slideshare if I think it merits a presentation. If I had a personal blog about my daily activities then I probably wouldn’t. But for something like we just posted this week, I think I would. It is a great way of getting more attention and getting people engaged with you.

    I put so much emphasis on tags and keywords. I like to think of what people type when they search on Google.

  2. Especially for a small company, it is so important to put emphasis on tags and keywords. This weeks lecture and readings helped me think outside of the box on how to create content used for SEO. Great post!!

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