Rolling Updates

My love of social media began in 2008 when I first left New York for Tucson to start the scary world that is college. I really only started a Facebook profile so that I could keep up with friends and family I thought I might never see again. Little did I know that what started out as a passing thought became a lifestyle. I cannot go through a day without checking Facebook, Twitter and my latest obsession Pinterest at least eight times a day. Not knowing much about social media at the time, and naively thinking it was just a passing fad, I didn’t realize how much of an asset it was going to be to my everday life. I was a Journalism major, set on a career in the entertainment industry. Ninety percent of my entertainment news comes from Facebook and Twitter now. If someone is the top trend on Twitter I know they either have died or had a major scandal released to the media. Gone are the days when I could read something in the newspaper the next day. If I don’t read about a news story an hour after it has happened I am behind the curve. I started to grow more social media savvy when I became Webmaster of my college’s literary magazine and contributing writer for Borderbeat, my school’s online publication. I realized after writing for Borderbeat that I needed to commit to learning more about social media if I ever wanted to be a sucessful journalist in this new digital age that is seeing newspapers and magazines fall off the face of the Earth. People like Perez Hilton have been able to build careers and brands from social media and I am looking to be the next music critic to do so. After idolizing Roger Ebert and Michael Ausiello for so many years, I knew that to become the next big music critic, which has been my dream since I was about 14, I needed to study social media. Learning how to build a brand and reach an audience that will care about what I have to say is the only way to be successful in my field, and I’m on my way to doing that. As I embark through this Master’s in Social Media through the University of Florida, I encourage you to join me and build my brand as the Social Roller. To learn more about me please vist my “About” page, where you will also find links to all of my social media accounts.


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